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Since Novatech was founded in 1995 we have been dedicated to providing high quality, contract assembly services at a competitive price and with timely delivery.

Unlike many contract assembly companies, Novatech provides additional services that can truly take a product from concept to reality. These services include product development, prototyping, material purchasing, and assistance in marketing and advertising.

Contract assembly work has become a viable alternative for manufacturers when faced with the lack of internal resources required to complete a product. This lack of resources may be due to either a growth situation where additional personnel cannot be acquired and trained in a timely manner; a temporary increase in sales that would not warrant the cost of additional full-time employees; or low volume products that are not economical to build within the company's existing overhead structure.

The management team of Novatech Industries has first hand knowledge of the contract assembly business from the manufacturer's point of view. In our current and prior businesses we have been directly involved in employing contract assembly labor to help solve short term capacity problems, and to reduce costs associated with low volume production. This experience has been invaluable in identifying the top-notch services that Novatech provides.



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