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ZPCB-18P            more info, application code, downloads         
ZPCB-18P-10PACK (10 of Above)
Z8 Applications Printed Circuit Board for 18 pin Z8s (except Z8PLUS) including: Z86E02,04,08 &Z86E03,06

ZPCB-18PLUS (available April, 1999)
(10 of Above)
Z8 Applications Printed Circuit Board for 18 pin Z8PLUS micros including: Z8E000, Z8E001, Z8E002, & Z8E00

A small, handheld plastic enclosure with 9 volt battery holder designed for either of the 18 pin proto boards.


Commonly used proto-parts for the PCBs including: an 18 pin IC socket, LM7805 linear voltage regulator, heat sink, 8.00 MHz ceramic resonator, 1M oscillator startup resistor, .1 uF decoupling cap, Diode Bridge, 1n4001 reverse protection diode, Electrolytic cap, and a 10K pullup SIP.


NTZ-818 Microcontroller Gang Programmer

NTZ-818 - For high volume production use
The NovaTech NTZ-818 is a low cost microcontroller gang programmer for the Zilog Z8 family of devices. The unit operates via connection to the RS232 port of a host computer and can also function in "stand-alone" mode.

Features Include:

  • Burns 300 to 450 parts per hour, up to eight chips at once
  • "One Touch" Start switch to initiate and repeat blank/program/verify cycles
  • Flash upgradeable firmware
  • Universal Input Internal Power Supply
  • User-friendly keyboard for stand-alone operation
  • Digital display
  • Beeper to annunciate errors and relay task progress
  • Supports all Zilog 18 pin microcontroller devices
  • All allowable option bit programming is supported where applicable, including: RC Oscillator, Low Noise (EMI), ROM Protect, AutoLatch Disable, WatchDog Timer, and EPROM Test Kill
  • SOIC support via optional adapter sockets

Easy-to-Use Software

The programmer includes Windows 98/95/3.1 Graphical User Interface. It supports simple ASCII download commands for operation with non-Windows operating systems via .bat file or a DOS terminal program.

Condensed Specifications

Modes of Operation: PC control, stand-alone

Computer Interface: RS232, 9600 baud via DB9 female
System Requirements: Windows 3.1 or Windows 95/98, free serial port, 3MB hard drive disk space
Devices Programmed: All current Zilog 18-pin OTP microcontrollers (except Z8PLUS) including: Z86E02/E04/E08 all revisions and supported option bits; Z86E03/E06 all revisions and supported option bits
Functions: Select device/revision/option bits
Load Master
Blank Check
Throughput: 300-450 devices per hour
Size: 7.125" x 3.5" x 10"
Weight: 3.75 lbs
Power Requirements: 90-264 VAC 50/60 Hz, 20 watts
Environmental: 0 - 40 C
Available Options: Dip to SOIC adapter sockets

January 6, 1998
NovaTech is pleased to announce programming support for Zilog's Z86E02 SL1925 microcontroller, including full option bit programming. Click here for complete NTZ-818 upgrade information.


Introducing NovaTech's ZPCB-18P Prototyping PCB

Zpcb18p1.gif (7028 bytes)         Get your Zilog application up and running fast!
The ZPCB-18P was created to simplify the Z8 design process. Instead of starting from scratch, the board is already designed for an 18 pin Z8 microcontroller, oscillator circuitry, and power supply. Each of the 14 I/O lines run over to the prototyping area (about 350 holes), after passing through optional ESD resistor pads, pull-up/pull-down SIP's, and DIP switch area. Several common supply voltage and oscillator options are available. After the prototype phase of development is complete, you may use this high quality board for production of low volume applications. The board is double-sided with solder mask and plated through holes for easy soldering.

The ZPCB-18P supports all 18-pin Z8 microcontrollers (except Z8PLUS). Best of all, the board works great with an In Circuit Emulator that you may already have, including the 'C12 (Z86C12) and CCP (Z86CCP00ZEM) emulators.

            download .pdf applications manual (includes schematic)
            download .pdf schematic only
            download sample applications code

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